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Want or Need to sell NOW?  

Don't wait on market for 90 or 120 Days!


We'll get you a non-contingent offer 

in 24 hours or less!

Portions of our earnings go to support

local and worldwide missions!

Take Charge of Your Real Estate Options!
No More Stress!!
Buy, Sell or Trade-in
Yes, you can even trade it in!

If We Don't Get Your Home Sold, We'll Pay You $1000*

We GUARANTEE your home sold!  Our "home dealership" is prepared to help you with a "trade-in", a quick sale, consignment, auction, whatever suits you best. Think about a time you needed a new car and didn't want the hassle of shining up your old one and selling it yourself...sometimes "trading it in" at the dealership is just quicker and easier.  Contact us right away for details on all the options to sell your home, and put the best to work for you today in Appleton, Green Bay and the Fox Cities areas!  Whether your goal is to sell FAST or for Top Dollar or a mix of the two, we can help you.

  • Guaranteed offer in 24 hours
  • Multiple offers in 7 days
  • Trade ins accepted
  • Options for selling ABOVE market price
  • Auctions available
  • Top Dollar home sales
  • Professional home team at your fingertips for Top results in record time
  • Solutions for "hard to sell" 
  • And of course...some of the hardest working licensed Realtors for traditional sales too!!

Stop feeling backed into a corner with only one option to sell your home.  There are MANY ways to achieve your goal, and one of them is your best fit.  Hiring a real estate agent at a super-discounted commission to stick a sign in the yard and put it on the MLS is a thing of the past, and as many have found, you get what you pay for...a long time on market and low sale price.  Step into the future and take advantage of the tools and techniques that have been used by the top real estate moguls nationwide even throughout the market dip.  It's time EVERYONE was able to use these options and WE are here to deliver!

* With a signed agreement of expected terms, if we don't succeed to meet those terms, we will happily pay you $1000.  We intend to succeed.

When it's time to buy, buy with confidence!  Listed here are just a few of the properties we have pre-certified and ready to go.  See our holdings here:

Take Charge!

It's time that YOU took charge of selling your home in Appleton, Green Bay and the Fox Cities by getting all the information and deciding which is the best outcome for you. Start now by clicking the "schedule a call" button below, and set an appointment to talk about your property.  We can chat on the phone or live Skype, then meet in person if you think it's a fit.  Give us a shout!

    About us

    We are local licensed professionals helping homeowners in Appleton and the Fox Valley sell their homes the way THEY want to sell them to reach their immediate and long term goals.

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    Brokered by: DeWitt Londre LLC
    3405 Commerce Ct
    Suite C
    Appleton, WI 54911
    800-893-0956 (fax)
    Where everybody can buy and sell a house easily
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